Sarah Michelle Gellar interpreta as gêmeas Bridget Cafferty e Siobhan Marx. Bridget precisa fugir da máfia, pois foi testemunha de um assassinato. No desespero de poder ter uma vida normal, ela vê a oportunidade de assumir a identidade da sua irmã gêmea, Siobhan. O que ela não espera era encontrar problemas igualmente complicados na pele da irmã.

1ª Temporada

1×01 – Pilot
1×02 – She’s Ruining Everything
1×03 – If You Ever Want A French Lesson
1×04 – It’s Gonna Kill Me, But I’ll Do It
1×05 – Now, Next, Late
1×06 – The Poor Kids Do It Everyday
1×07 – Oh Gawd, There’s Two of Them?
1×08 – Maybe We Can Get a Dog Insteat?
1×09 – Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna
1×10 – That’s What You Get Trying To Kill Me
1×11 – I Just Got Normal
1×12 – What are you doing here, Ho-bag?
1×13 – It’s Easy to Cry When This Much Cash is Involved
1×14 – Whores Don’t Make That Much
1×15 – P.S. You’re An Idiot
1×16 – You’re Way Too Pretty to Go to Jail
1×17 – What We Have is Worth the Pain
1×18 – That Woman’s Never Been a Victim Her Entire Life
1×19 – Let’s Kill Bridget
1×20 – If You’re Just an Evil Bitch Then Get Over It
1×21 – It’s Called Improvising, Bitch!
1×22 – I’m The Good Twin (Series Finale)

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